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Mystery Box

The eBay community finally got tired of seeing all the crazy mystery boxes. The bottom fell out of the pyramid, so to speak. When buyers started realizing that there was a reason that the sellers were putting these items into a cardboard box, where no one could see them, they stopped bidding. Much to my amazment, this took about 6 months.

That was 6 months of pure mind blowing craziness. However, someone has figured out a way to revive the greedy monster in all of us and make mystery auctions work again. You see, you promise the buyers a mystery box worth some huge value. Say $100,000 … and magically people once again piss money away for the off chance of wining something cool.

Word to the not so wise of us our there: If they say $100,000 and you paid 20 for it, then it is not worth $100,000.

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