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Carnival Game

The Mystery Duck game at carnivals, ever play it? No, me either… it's just like sticking your hand into a box when you don't know what is inside, but somehow hoping that you will come out with a gold nugget anyway!

These games are stacked against you. Really, they have to make money or else why bother? At the carnival, at least you stand a chance of winning a gigantic teddy bear. So what do you do with the teddy bear? Well, you give it to the girl you are with, but walk around the carnival with it anyway because she does not want to hold that crazy thing…

Where was I? Oh yeah, the Mystery Duck game. So you buy one of these "ducks" for $2.25 and then you have bought yourself a chance to win something. But at the carnival, you see the guy with the teddy bear and know at least someone is winning… here what is to stop the seller from just telling every person who buys a duck that today was simply not their lucky day!

Dunce would rather simple go to the bank and buy a role of quarters. Then I would go into the bathroom and throw those quarters into the toilet… I think that it is just as solid of an investment!

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Selling Price: \$2.25

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